Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weekends by Hayzle + Other Stories

Recent weekend treated me really nicely that I am having a hard time letting him (yes, my weekend has a gender and is a male coz he is sexxxay!) go.

  • Friday. (is not really weekend, i know) Was spent still working in Taytay for community medicine, then packing up my things whilst fighting the urge to huhucry, then we left for Manila. Then at my flat, unpacking whilst fighting the urge to huhucry. I had Katy Perry's song in my head.
  • Saturday. I went to the gym and burned those fatties. LOLJK. I slept all throughout the day, played Temple Run in between while eating. 
  • Sunday. Made a serious attempt of writing my family case study, but all I did was attempt. Well, at least I was able to rewrite my interview notes into a more decent paper. Boyfriend was on-duty so I was homebuddy hehe.
  • Monday. Ohwow Monday has become weekend, really? Went to UERM first for a shifting exam in ComMed, which I apparently passed minus studying asffghkl;;. After realizing that we did not have a review in the afternoon, boyfriend and I headed to Tagaytay for pizza and beer at Carlo's Pizza. Some photos from my point-and-shoot:
Weather was great!
Sausages in Olive Oil
Messicana Pizza

Earlier today I went to UERM for an orientation with Surgery. Lesigh.

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