Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Craving: French Baker's Choco Nutella Crepe

This was last Sunday's dessert.

French Baker may not have the best crepes, but this one is a badass. A Nutella-filled crepe drizzled with chocolate sauce, topped with chocolate ice cream and whipped cream and nuts. Chocolate lovers, do I hear you say yes?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Something close to home (and/or heart)

This post is a week late, but let me share with you how my Valentine's day was spent. 

I am, however, not the biggest fan of Valentine's day. It's not that I despise this day, I am just not the Vday kind of person. But who am I to resist romance when it is right in the smack of my face? *giggles all around* 

We didn't go out on the 14th. He was still home in Baguio, though Manila-bound. I was drop-dead asleep the 14th as I was post-duty. And, of course, I dreaded the crowd, the traffic, and the Vday hoopla. We went out the next day, 15th, which I thought was just perfect! I would be on a preduty status, not much crowd, and... this would cover 3 celebrations--Vday, his birthday, and our 59th month together (Yes, we are a month shy away from being 5 years together).

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Surprise, surprise!

Friday last week (02/03/12) we threw a surprise birthday party for our fraternity brother whom we fondly call 'dad', Dr. Romeo Encanto at Casa Francesco/Bronx. Dr. Encanto, whom I shall refer to as 'dad' throughout this post, has been very supportive of our fraternity and sorority and has, indeed, played being the dad of this brotherhood and sisterhood. Dad is a surgeon and has been one of my surgery preceptors in 3rd year.

Here goes the photos of the party c/o Jessa Marapao.

The main man/birthday celebrant arrives!

He said he wasn't surprised. He said he had his 'diagnostic clues'.
How could we not love dad and his wit.

Your hosts for the night. Me and Brod Dane.

As to what I wore, I had that skirt for ages. That was the skirt I wore during an after-party for my junior prom in high school. Hoho! And it still fits me perfectly. And those shoes, I bought them at PeopleArePeople in my 3rd year in college but never got the chance to wear it until this party.

This is why I am fat.

Some of our photos from the photobooth!

Apparently, this party has also turned as a get-together for the fraternity and sorority. I love, love my brods and sisses! <3

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Down with URTI

Or Upper Respiratory Tract Infection.

Been suffering this painful and itchy throat since the day before yesterday. I tried to look at my tonsils and they are unsurprisingly erythematous. Now, I have stuffed nose. There is a slight body weakness but, hell, no loss of appetite haha!

Let me stop ranting about this inconvenience before this blogpost turns into a patient history database. Anyway, I would have wanted to blog about a surprise bday party last Friday but I wanted to rest since I am also on a from duty status. Also, I am blogging using this blogger app!

Bad vibes aside, yesterday was probably among the best (read: most benign) duty I've ever had. I slept from 11pm til 4am since we only had to monitor 1 patient q4 (vital signs to be monitored every 4 hours). ONE PATIENT! #slacker

Also rewarded myself earlier today with a quick full body massage! And now munching oranges coz I am trying not to take antibiotics (be organic, hrhr!). Temple running, too!