Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Down with URTI

Or Upper Respiratory Tract Infection.

Been suffering this painful and itchy throat since the day before yesterday. I tried to look at my tonsils and they are unsurprisingly erythematous. Now, I have stuffed nose. There is a slight body weakness but, hell, no loss of appetite haha!

Let me stop ranting about this inconvenience before this blogpost turns into a patient history database. Anyway, I would have wanted to blog about a surprise bday party last Friday but I wanted to rest since I am also on a from duty status. Also, I am blogging using this blogger app!

Bad vibes aside, yesterday was probably among the best (read: most benign) duty I've ever had. I slept from 11pm til 4am since we only had to monitor 1 patient q4 (vital signs to be monitored every 4 hours). ONE PATIENT! #slacker

Also rewarded myself earlier today with a quick full body massage! And now munching oranges coz I am trying not to take antibiotics (be organic, hrhr!). Temple running, too!

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