Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Saving for the rainy days

Trying out this Polyvore while on duty. Now, this is what I love about this country--being able to wear shorts even during the rainy season. Although I am not exactly a fan of wearing shorts, I just love the idea of having the option to wear shorts. I am going to pair my shorts with my booties. BTW, i wanna have that Doc Martens

I am looking at you!

I am in need of a new laptop...or probably a tablet PC. Reason 1: I am too close of getting a slipped disk carrying an ~2-3kilos of laptop every fucking day. Reason 2: My laptop is more or less 4 years old now. Time to retire laptop. Hence, it is reasonable to get me a NEW laptop.

Acer Iconia W500
A tablet that has the accessibility (and entertainment features?) of an iPad and any other tablets and productivity of a notebook and netbook. I haven't seen its specs, though, but from what I read from the reviews, this baby is of Windows 7 OS, AMD T-50 of AMD Fusion, and it works with certain games such as Civilization! It also has a USB port and an attachable keyboard. IDK if the Windows 7 OS is a thumbs up thing for this tablet, though. From what I heard and read, Windows 7 is such a horrendous thing for tablets. I haven't tried this tablet yet. It's not as popular as iPad2, but I am hoping it's cheaper.

Macbook Air
It's a Mac. It's thin as 'air'. It's light. Should I say more? It's a bit pricey, though.

PS This is not a review/critique. Just a list of want/s.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Of window shopping and eating a lot

Went to East Ave. Medical Center yesterday. That familiar appalling stench, which is reminiscent of the last, last month's crazy OBGyne rotation. After we had our A&A's signed, we headed straight to Trinoma! A day of freedom from stress and a very rainy one.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Last Summer Photodump: Visiting Al Ain

Although I am not exactly fond of Abu Dhabi (town center), Al Ain, which happens to be a part of that emirate is among my favorite place to visit in UAE. In contrast to the busy urban life in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain takes a rather suburban, if not rural, type of living. They do not have the grandest malls like the ones in Dubai, though, but i get sick of shopping, too.

Al Ain is a 1-2 hour drive from where I live in Sharjah.

Things I love Thursdays

The bored (but NOT complaining) clinical clerk edition.

Greetings from the JI Psych lungga! I am on duty today, which means I will be staying here until 5pm tomorrow. Le sigh. But I am on a monitoring break and my next monitoring schedule (for vital signs and sleep-wake) is not until 8pm today. Meanwhile, I making a list of what I love (because it's a TILT day!).

This list is in no particular order.

I could eat this everyday! If chickenjoy were a person, I would marry him/it.

Ice cream is my forever comfort foos. I am currently craving for ice cream right now. And I want Caramia!!!

Coffee. For better or for worse. In exam, clerkship, and plain chilling out.

And then suddenly I noticed the first three are food...

Shoes like this--glittery and comfortable.

Such unbearable kitty cuteness that make me *squeeeee* everytime. Fact about me: When I was younger, we had about 10 pet cats. It was kitty fiesta!!!

I keep thinking about food right now. My mind goes blank...