Monday, February 21, 2011

Good times!

I am being a bad blogger that I am.  The previous weeks' had not been my kind my busy but I wasn't in my blogging mood--just because.  These are the things that happened in the past week.

  • February 10. To celebrate the end of surgery preceptorial and finishing the 200-item shifting exam (WTF, i know), some of the surgery girls--Olive, Nikki, Abby, Jessa, and I, went to Agave! Awesome food really especially the garlic sauce, which reminded me of UAE.

Agave's Strawberry Margarita

  • February 12.  Phi Alpha Sigma sorority celebrated its 50th anniversary at Richmonde Hotel! I am supposed to blog something for this, but not now. <3 I love you sisses!

My ever-gorgeous batchmates! <3
Very awkward pose!
What I wore:
Jumpsuit, Details at The Ramp
Necklace, The Ramp
Belt, R.A.F.
Taupe clutch, Accessorize
Lace-up stilettos, Nine West

February 14, 16, 17. These are among my favorite days this month! Although I am not exactly a fan of V-day, V-day has been extra special because of my boyfriend's surprise i-harana Mu! hehe. Also his birthday was last Feb 16, then our nth monthsary on the 17th. No photos. Hehehe.

  • Feb 16. Also in Feb 16, we had our annual Alphan project: Serenade at the Wards. In the spirit of V-day, we serenaded the charity ward patients and give them goodies!
I cannot enumerate. Phi Alpha Sigma sorority and Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity.
  • February 18.  We had a medical/surgical mission with San Juan Medical Society!

  • February 19. Graduation pictures! Ok, so I am still on my 3rd year and I still have a year to deal with clerkship, but we do have our graduation pictures taken since we will be busy next year.

For my creative shot, I am a feline. I am confused if I were a cat or tiger.
Tiger headband, Toy Kingdom
Black dress, Zara TRF
With my awesome medschool barkada-PPG!
  • Feb 19. So after the shoot, Vin, Jes, Kenj, and I went tried Thousand Teas and their popping pearls was really poppin' (lol). Then, I had to rush to my boyfriend's fraternity's event--QEFF at PICC. Of, course, I had to remove my make-up, else I would look weird. Congratulations Mu Sigma Phi.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Make-up Issues

My usual kikay kit is usually composed of a Clean and Clear pressed powder, an oil blotter, and a lip balm.  Sometimes, I wear a lipstick and some cheek tint.  Nothing more than that on my daily routine.  I am not really big on make-up because:
  1. I am not required to wear make-up. My course/med school doesn't require students to wear make-up.  Make-up is optional.
  2. I am always running late for make-up. Hehe.
  3. I do not know how to properly apply make-up especially eyeshadows. My monolid eyes is just so hard to deal with.
  4. Make-up has expiration dates.
But I do keep some basic make-up stuff in cases of events that require me to wear make-up.  The idea of going to the salon for make-up might be good, but it's just to pricey for my student allowance.

For the face:
I have the basics: foundation and blush.  I just recently bought a BB cream, which I still don't understand what it is for.
All Maybelline:
Angelfit Liquid Foundation in Natural Buff
B.B cream
Clear Smooth Minerals Blush in True Peach, which comes with a Kabuki brush
For the eyes:  Here lies my problem since I have monolid eyes, which is just so hard to work with. I keep eyeshadow pallettes in colors I would usually use. I also use a felt tip eyeliner, but I still keep a kohl pencil handy.
Eyeshadow:  Maybelline Eyestudio in Autumn Spirit and Winter Iris
Eyeliners:  Maybelline Impact Express Felt tip eyeliner in Black
Nichido Eye Pencil in Nice Gal
Mascara:  Maybelline Volum' Express Cat Eyes Mascara
For the lips:  Lipsticks are my favorite because they are the only product I can wear everyday--in neutral colors, of course.
MAC Lustre in Quiet One - the one I use everyday
Mac Lip Glass in Lady Gaga
Revlon Matte in Really Red
Maybelline Watershine Pure
I also have a blush brush from Prestige and an eyeshadow brush from Marionnaud. These are all I have. Haha. These are all I have to live with for our sorority's event for tomorrow.
Meanwhile, this is what I have been watching in YouTube.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shopaholic Sisters

My feet still hurt from all that walking!

Awhile ago today, two of my favorite girls/sisters--Tel and Jes--went on a shopping spree at Shang and Megamall.  We were dismissed earlier than the usual so we decided to go shopping for our sorority's event on Saturday. Tel and I were on our quest to find accessories while Jes was looking for that perfect little black dress. I am sooo happy that I was able to find just what I needed--except for a connector ring.

At Forever 21. Yes, I went there in my uniform.

With my sis and shopping buddy Tel! I don't have a picture with Jessa, though.
I also look retarded LOL.
I won't show whatever it is that is inside the bags, yet. But I will enumerate:
In Accessorize:  Clutch bag, which I got on a sale price of Php495 (~$10)
In RAF: Belt
In The Ramp, Crossings: Necklace
In Forever21: Hoop earrings (they don't have connector rings huhucry)
We saw Laureen Uy of Break My Style (one of the blogs I frequent) in The Ramp in Shang. Then when we went home, the ever-gorgeous Anne Curtis was in our condo for a movie shoot!
I am such a Fan Girl!
On a totally unrelated note, former AFP Chief Angelo Reyes committed suicide earlier today. Click here for more news regarding his death.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Luck and other things

I was supposed to get back on my blogging last night but I had to catch up on my sleeping. This week had been busy and very stressful thanks to the long exams. As to how I fared the past week, I am putting on a list coz I am lazy like that <3

  • Exam week practically means staying up late--very late, for reviewing. It was sleeping at 6 am, then waking up at 8 am for an exam on 9. How I managed to stay up was through caffeine and, of course, the idea of an impending doom if I fail. How I managed to stay sane, I stuff myself with comfort food. How I fared in my exams, I am putting it on the hands of divine intervention and luck.

Espresso Frapuccino. They finally perfected my name.

California Berry in Mezza Strip is finally open! This is my favorite--Cherry on Top.

  • Speaking of luck--(Belated) Happy Lunar New Year. Apparently, this year is the Rabbit's year, which happens to be my year. I hope it will really be my year.

Bunny Head Ring from Forever21
  • Awhile ago my mom left for UAE. I miss UAE especially Sharjah and Dubai. JSYK, I lived in UAE when I was still in high school. I just returned to the Philippines for college. I used to have summer vacations until I attended summer classes. During med school, I visited every summer, which I won't be able to do this year because of clerkship.

  • I also went to Greenhills today--home of knock-offs. I bought a generic bandage skirt in black for Php 550 (less than $10). I will probably take a picture of it sometime soon. I wasn't able to buy a wide legged pants, so if anyone here who knows where I can buy it on an unexpensive price (less than Php 1,000), please tell me.

  • Meanwhile...as of yesterday...

56 days until clerkship!