Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Long Weekend!

I never really got to have the whole 4-day break, but was blessed able to enjoy 1-and-a-half day break from the dengue-and-pneumonia-craze in our pedia rotation.  It really feels great to be waking up on whatever I feel like waking up to, without worrying about getting crossed out even just for a day! I am now back at 4North for duty and it's relatively quiet. I hope this day will be admission-free!

I was supposed to watch Cars 2 with boyfriend, but the queue in the parking lot in Resorts World was too long for my patience; hence, we opted to go to Tagaytay. Obviously, Tagaytay is my/our favorite weekend/holiday getaway.

Friday, August 26, 2011

It's the time of the year.

Currently rotating as pedia clinical clerk at pediatrics pay unit at 4north where there is children's party everyday. With children's party, i mean waaaaaay too much admissions. We are full house!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

King Wan

When it's lunchtime, we call for King Wan delivery. The food is rather cheap (less than P100!) and really, really good. We love their tinapa (smoked fish) rice. My personal favorite is spicy chicken wings with tinapa rice (not in photos).
Baby Back Ribs with Tinapa Rice
Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs with Tinapa Rice

PS We soo love their tinapa rice that we pair it with any kind of dish, not minding if it would be a good combo. Hayaan mo nang mahilo yung taste buds ko!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Quick Update on my Life: Clinical Clerkship (Midway there edition)

I haven't got much to blog; hence, my blogging absence for 2 weeks. My life's been busy but boring. With boring, I mean the usual pre-duty-duty-post-duty schedule I've been following since 4 months ago (yipee! we're 1/3 done with clerkship!). Meanwhile, we're already in our Pediatrics rotation and tomorrow we're moving to our pay rotation. I am going to miss our lungga in the charity wards!

To sum up the past few days, or weeks, here's a bulleted list. I've been meaning to post pictures, but I failed to take photos. Meh :|