Monday, August 15, 2011

Quick Update on my Life: Clinical Clerkship (Midway there edition)

I haven't got much to blog; hence, my blogging absence for 2 weeks. My life's been busy but boring. With boring, I mean the usual pre-duty-duty-post-duty schedule I've been following since 4 months ago (yipee! we're 1/3 done with clerkship!). Meanwhile, we're already in our Pediatrics rotation and tomorrow we're moving to our pay rotation. I am going to miss our lungga in the charity wards!

To sum up the past few days, or weeks, here's a bulleted list. I've been meaning to post pictures, but I failed to take photos. Meh :|

Ophthalmology girls with our residents Sir Meng and Ma'am/Sis Tessa
@Clinica Tamesis Eye Center in Quezon Ave. Photo c/o friends' facebook
Grand Duty!
At our then lungga. Ohai there Erika and Ram, who are now rotating in the States!
  • Ophthalmology clerkship happened. My ENT and Ophthalmology rotations are probably among my favorite rotations during clerkship. It was like a vacation and I really, really had fun. Too much fun, I guess, that I gained 5-10 lbs. 
We support team CRSI!
  • Alphan Women's Basketball. This is actually my sorority's annual event. So yey for my sisses and the team I supported--CRSI (clerks, residents, SI's). Oh look at my ugly hair.
Fat self early in the morning
  • Pediatrics Ward Rotation. Ends tonight. We've been here for 2 weeks. See our dugyot lungga? I've learned to love it hehe. Photo above is me awaiting breakfast.
  • Dates. These are what I've been to take pictures of, hehe.

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