Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Long Weekend!

I never really got to have the whole 4-day break, but was blessed able to enjoy 1-and-a-half day break from the dengue-and-pneumonia-craze in our pedia rotation.  It really feels great to be waking up on whatever I feel like waking up to, without worrying about getting crossed out even just for a day! I am now back at 4North for duty and it's relatively quiet. I hope this day will be admission-free!

I was supposed to watch Cars 2 with boyfriend, but the queue in the parking lot in Resorts World was too long for my patience; hence, we opted to go to Tagaytay. Obviously, Tagaytay is my/our favorite weekend/holiday getaway.

We went to Tagaytay for pizza and beer because we love and miss pizza and beer together; hence, weopted for Carlo's Pizza.

A bucket of beer for two.
Verona Pizza and beer!

Meanwhile, today, I am on duty. It isn't so bad actually. We had our lunch at Pancake House (delivery!). And of course, the SOP-duty drink-Serenitea! This is also our last duty at Pedia Pay. To NCH we go!
Armi, Ma'am Faids, Jamie!
My order!
Hot Roast Chicken

Classic pancakes

I love Pancake House since I was a kid! And I always, and I mean ALWAYS order Hot Roast Chicken. I remember the days when they used to serve it with mashed potatoes. Now they serve it with potato salad, which isn't so bad.

PS Here are more photos from today as posted by our PGI (Hi Sir Reggie!) in facebook!

(L-R) Ma'am Mia, Ma'am Faidz, Armi, me, Jamie, Jessa, and Sir Reg

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