Saturday, October 1, 2011

Summing up September (and oh hello there, October)-post

Missed out on blogging for the whole month of September, which isn't exactly my busiest month. I was just slacking off with writing whatever I had on my mind the past weeks (prolly I was subconsciously considering just summing everything up; hence, this blog post).

What is probably the highlight of September is that it marks my 6th month of being a clinical clerk. 6 months, baby, 6 months! It's either the glass is half full or empty as in '6 months already, yay!' or '6 months to go, damnit!'.

Also, I've been starting to hear Christmas carols, as well as seeing Christmas trees being sold at department stores. Countdown to Christmas has also already started. WHAT.
In other news...
Mommy news?

NCH rotation had been fun because of these girls. JSYK, 3 of them are from
  • Pediatrics rotation, still. For this month, I rotated at National Children's Hospital for the 1st 2 weeks  and Neonate Unit (NCHA) at UERM for the other 2 weeks. Surprisingly, I had fun at NCH although seeing sick children isn't exactly fun. Meanwhile, at NCHA, it was baby party everyday, which is even more fun. It pains to move to my next rotation, which happens to be Internal Medicine. I am gonna miss those kiddies! Oh wait, the 1st picture above? That's just me looking like a nanny attending to a well-baby patient at NCHA.

With my brods and sisses 
  • Alphans during the Medicine Week. I have to admit that I happen to enjoy Medweek--thanks to the food booths stalled, which fulfilled my lunches (and emptied my pocket) for 1 week. Aside from the that, my sorority and our counterpart fraternity held our annual Patient Doctor Academy, which is a tutorial-like session held for one day to help 2nd and 3rd year students with OSCE. Also during the Med Week, we had the 2nd Alphan Videoke Night!
Typhoon Pedring. Photo from Inquirer.net
  • Typhoon Pedring. To commemorate Typhoon Ondoy, which almost literally drown the whole of UERM and my then-apartment, we had Typhoon Pedring. This typhoon fucked up my umbrella and almost turned me into a kite. The typhoon winds were just too much. Too much.
  • Hair done. This deserves its own blogpost. I had my hair cut again. And had it dyed again. K.

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  1. Wow, I never thought na writer ka pala. You're awesome ;) See you around the hospital! :D