Thursday, October 27, 2011

Quick Update on my Life: MCCIC/MCCOD Mallari is back at the wards!

Guess who's back at the wards? The 20 non-duty days during my Medicine OPD rotation are over and I am sooo back with clinical clerk-in-charge/on-duty responsibilities aka initial summaries, databases, referrals, procedure protocols, discharge summaries, clinical abstracts, monitoring...damnit, the list goes on.

I've already crossed out 2 duty days/nights. Tomorrow will be our 3rd duty and my post will be at the Medical ICU. So far, so good. I've been enjoying my Medicine Wards rotation and learning A LOT but really quite tiring.
Meanwhile, earlier today, we attended our department's postgraduate course. I love postgrads 'coz I get to have a lot of freebies from our friendly medreps. And of course, learn new things that may be helpful for my practice and board exam.

Dr. Lingling Uy, Department of Medicine's Head, giving a lecture on cardio drugs.
He happens to be my favorite consultant, hehe, srsly.

Bags full of freebies from the pharmaceutical companies.

Pumo-photobooth with groupmates Nizh, Nikki and Jamie.

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