Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weekends by Hayzle + Other Stories

Recent weekend treated me really nicely that I am having a hard time letting him (yes, my weekend has a gender and is a male coz he is sexxxay!) go.

  • Friday. (is not really weekend, i know) Was spent still working in Taytay for community medicine, then packing up my things whilst fighting the urge to huhucry, then we left for Manila. Then at my flat, unpacking whilst fighting the urge to huhucry. I had Katy Perry's song in my head.
  • Saturday. I went to the gym and burned those fatties. LOLJK. I slept all throughout the day, played Temple Run in between while eating. 
  • Sunday. Made a serious attempt of writing my family case study, but all I did was attempt. Well, at least I was able to rewrite my interview notes into a more decent paper. Boyfriend was on-duty so I was homebuddy hehe.
  • Monday. Ohwow Monday has become weekend, really? Went to UERM first for a shifting exam in ComMed, which I apparently passed minus studying asffghkl;;. After realizing that we did not have a review in the afternoon, boyfriend and I headed to Tagaytay for pizza and beer at Carlo's Pizza. Some photos from my point-and-shoot:
Weather was great!
Sausages in Olive Oil
Messicana Pizza

Earlier today I went to UERM for an orientation with Surgery. Lesigh.

One year old ++

GPOY for the 1-year old blog. Also, what a forehead.

Before this month ends (and my surgery rotation starts, grrr asdfghkll;;), let me have this happy birthday blogpost! Yep, my blog has turned officially one year old--that is not including the months that I did not bother 'fixing' it. Apparently, I won over my inability to think long term when it comes to blogging.

Anyway, thank you to those who bothered visiting this blog and to those who accidentally landed on this blog when they googled things like Frida Kahlo shirts, Tali beach, Lugang Cafe, and Sharjah (heehee).

I went over this blog and boy, I've been photo dumping a lot and lacked words. I dunno what happened to me or I am just trying to avoid posting drama/rants/what-have-you.

I used the photo above because I thought I was cute *giggles*

Lookie! I am using post-post-post scripts! hee!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Community Medicine: The last few days in Taytay

I do not mean to make this mellow-dramatic.

But there is this tinge of sadness for leaving Taytay probably because of the attachment I've made with the place for living there for most of the month. Also, probably this had been the most relaxing rotation I've had or will ever have.

Group IV-B aka Ma-Ong with the community leaders during the community assembly.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

Villa Escudero

Among the many perks of my Commed rotation are free weekends. So one Sunday, I went to Villa Escudero with the family, yay! It was a rainy weekend, though, but a weekend is still a weekend.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Crisostomo + Solenad

This is a backlog post from 2011.

Photos were taken in Solenad in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. We were supposed to have a quick stopover at Solenad for lunch at Crisostomo en route to Tagaytay. Apparently, we stayed longer than expected.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Community Medicine Weeks 1 & 2

Community Medicine aka Commed is our most awaited rotation during clerkship. Yep, since day 1 in April, we've been looking forward to this rotation.
This vacation-esque rotation is set in the suburbs of Taytay, Rizal, which isn't exactly very far from UERM.  In fact, it's just a G-liner away! But UERM is so kind to fetch us from school every Tuesday to bring us to Taytay. Then come Friday when the same van fetches from Taytay to UERM.
Anyway, here goes photos c/o Pepin Mendieta & FX Mislang.