Sunday, January 29, 2012

Community Medicine: The last few days in Taytay

I do not mean to make this mellow-dramatic.

But there is this tinge of sadness for leaving Taytay probably because of the attachment I've made with the place for living there for most of the month. Also, probably this had been the most relaxing rotation I've had or will ever have.

Group IV-B aka Ma-Ong with the community leaders during the community assembly.

Prepping for the assembly.

Setting up this community assembly was among our group's project for this rotation. The goal is to present to our adopted community (the tenement housing in Taytay) via their leaders what common problems the previous groups had gathered from their surveys.

Pepin and Noey for the introduction and invocation

Nizh and Pepin

Domar (who looks like Jolo Revilla) presenting the demographics

Kimmy, the star


Charades! Guess what symptom?



Me, getting bored

FX and Kimmy goofing around

ala photoshoot with my very fashionable friend/groupmate/sis Jessa

Playground fun

I've loved playing with swings since I was a kid, FYI.

McDo along Ortigas Ave. saying thank you. The last drive-thru breakfast en route to Taytay come Tuesdays.

Accidental blurry. Being crazy sans alcohol.
My bed in Taytay now empty of my pillow and sheets and work papers.
How I miss you so.
The last few days had been quite difficult, at least for me, as the thought of going back to UERM with all the crazies that come with it downed on me. On the lighter note, I am now tinsy weensy away from graduation, or hopefully so.

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