Monday, January 23, 2012

No regrets, just love, Manila dreaming!

Guess who's the new Katy Perry fangirl here?

Yup, that's me! And I am still not over the concert.

I wasn't exactly Katy's superfan though she's one of the #chickstobang. But really, really her concert was great that I would like to officially call myself her fangirl.

Boyfriend and I bought the tickets a day before the concert. Good thing, he went with me!

The show was supposed to start at 8PM but we waited for two hours! But all the wait was sooo worth it! I have very few photos (low quality pa, haha! sorry!) I was too busy singing along with Katy.

A very silly thing happened to me though at about 2-3 songs before the end of the concert. Apparently, I got dehydrated then my dysmenorrhea was taking it's toll; hence, I reach pre/syncope so boyfriend rushed me to the medic. Bad vibes, but still, not really.

Before the concert, boyfriend and I had icecream at Sebastian's.
Brownie ala mode with Chocoholics Anonymous & Cookie Dough ice creams

Boyfriend's new toy--a GoPro camera for his surfing and other adventures.
Let me leave you with a video of my favorite Katy song 'I kissed a girl' from the California Dreams concert! <3

PS Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!


  1. The icecream photo made me crave for one!

  2. Head to coldstone now! hehe! i miss coldstone and baskin and robbins.