Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One year old ++

GPOY for the 1-year old blog. Also, what a forehead.

Before this month ends (and my surgery rotation starts, grrr asdfghkll;;), let me have this happy birthday blogpost! Yep, my blog has turned officially one year old--that is not including the months that I did not bother 'fixing' it. Apparently, I won over my inability to think long term when it comes to blogging.

Anyway, thank you to those who bothered visiting this blog and to those who accidentally landed on this blog when they googled things like Frida Kahlo shirts, Tali beach, Lugang Cafe, and Sharjah (heehee).

I went over this blog and boy, I've been photo dumping a lot and lacked words. I dunno what happened to me or I am just trying to avoid posting drama/rants/what-have-you.

I used the photo above because I thought I was cute *giggles*

Lookie! I am using post-post-post scripts! hee!

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