Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lantern Queen '11

Last 14 December 2011, the Phi Alpha Sigma brought you one of UERM's annual traditions--Lantern Queen. The said pageant is joined by very lovely ladies from the College of Physical Therapy and different batches and sections from the College of Medicine. Proceeds of this event goes to the OB-Gyne Ward.

Photos c/o PAS Exalted Daughter of Aesculapius Sis Karisse Abril

The very beautiful ladies of UERM

Saturday, December 24, 2011

One day before Christmas

And I am off duty! Yey! And dad is home! Double yey, yey!
First off...we went to MOA for lunch at Ebun.

My Ubas shake. 
Sinigang na ulo ng maya-maya sa miso
Crispy Pata. Stroke calls.
Lo and behold, it was the MMFF parade at MOA awhile ago.

After MOA, we headed to Duty Free. I am not exactly the biggest fan of Duty Free Philippines coz there isn't much that they offer except that the goodies are cheaper.  I didn't buy that much except for a few make-up essentials (read: new Mac lipstick). And damn whole lot of chocolates for the death DM Type II of me.

I love you!!!

Sparkling Lights All Over Town

Ayala Triangle's Light Show

And this was how I spent (in advance) Christmas with boyfriend, followed by a dinner for two.

Hala Bira!

Clinical clerks aren't just built for sleepless duty nights and other countless responsibilities. Other talents include singing, dancing, directing an entire production, costume designing, actual sewing of the designed costume, props making, etc. Hellyeah House Staff Party 2011!!!
For this year (this is actually my first time to watch and be part of the house staff), the theme was Paskong Fiesta sa UERM. Here goes some photos of our behind-the-scenes and actual performances:

Photos grabbed from facebook (Charm Mativo and PGIs Zyra Mayugba and Joy Jumalon)

Awesome presentation from Surgery
The very graceful and hataw OB-Gyne
for 3rd place -- Pediatrics
1st placer -- Medicine

My very own group: Neuro-Psych + ComMed JIs and elective SIs
Our storyline goes like this: The three kings are in search for the best gift for the birth of Jesus. They searched Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao where they witnessed each's festivals.

Our winning star guiding the 3 kings!
Ala Victoria's Secret model
2nd place feels like 1st!
With Jagger the piglet!

The making...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Who's the next queen?

The Phi Alpha Sigma Sorority,
UERM's 1st and only medical sorority
brings you

Lantern Queen 2011

Lantern Queen is an annual event held by the sorority I am so proud to be part of. The said event is a beauty pageant joined by different beauties from the different classes of the College of Medicine, College of Physical Therapy, College of Nursing, and the House Staff (Residents, Nurses and other staff of the hospital). Proceeds of this event will go to a selected ward of UERM.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hayzle's Christmas Wishlist 2011!

Since Christmas is just a month a way and this is the season of wishlist blogposts, let me have my version of Christmas wishlist. Also, this post is dedicated to you, generous people, so that I may spare you from the hassle of thinking of what to give me for this Christmas (haha! but seriously...)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ultimate Taste Test!

Last November 17, boyfriend and I went out to celebrate our 56th month together *cheeseballs!*; hence, we thought of spending the night by attending The Ultimate Taste Test 7.0 at Mercato. That is to deviate from the what is usual candlelit dinners (which isn't exactly my style, hehe!). We didn't actually plan to attend UTT. Good thing there were still tickets for walk-ins.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Two years, sisses!

Morphinity has just turned two years old! Two years of being Alphans and counting...

Ever gorgeous. Myself, Faith, Mel, Vin, and Jessa.

Med school wouldn't be the same without these girls. Sarap maging Alphan!