Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hala Bira!

Clinical clerks aren't just built for sleepless duty nights and other countless responsibilities. Other talents include singing, dancing, directing an entire production, costume designing, actual sewing of the designed costume, props making, etc. Hellyeah House Staff Party 2011!!!
For this year (this is actually my first time to watch and be part of the house staff), the theme was Paskong Fiesta sa UERM. Here goes some photos of our behind-the-scenes and actual performances:

Photos grabbed from facebook (Charm Mativo and PGIs Zyra Mayugba and Joy Jumalon)

Awesome presentation from Surgery
The very graceful and hataw OB-Gyne
for 3rd place -- Pediatrics
1st placer -- Medicine

My very own group: Neuro-Psych + ComMed JIs and elective SIs
Our storyline goes like this: The three kings are in search for the best gift for the birth of Jesus. They searched Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao where they witnessed each's festivals.

Our winning star guiding the 3 kings!
Ala Victoria's Secret model
2nd place feels like 1st!
With Jagger the piglet!

The making...

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