Thursday, April 28, 2011

Airconditioned bus ride to sanity

I have very few days left to spend in EAMC. Tomorrow will be last duty at EAMC, which is probably a good thing because duties at EAMC have been very tiring. But I hate to admit but I will still miss it. We had our 'grand duty' earlier during our pre-duty at the OPD with my residents and senior interns. We were filled with food--I don't mind gaining a few pounds coz I have already lost a lot.

After OPD, I went to SM Megamall to detox with some of my favorite people--Jessa, Tel and Kenji. Jessa was supposed to be the one I see more often, but that don't really happen as I only get to see her when I endorse my patients to her. Also today, I get to see Maja! She visited me at the OPD because she was at the Heart Center with her dad awhile ago. This has been a special Alphan day for me!

So to get myself to Megamall, I took on my commuter skills. I don't bring my car since I am too afraid that I might fall asleep while driving. I usually take a cab when going to EAMC from home and vice versa. For my trip to Megamall, I decided to take an airconditioned bus. The bus wasn't so bad although EDSA had been jampacked, thanks to rush hour. And the great thing is I only spent Php 16 instead of Php 100++ if I took a cab.

Video on Deck: The Tourist. Probably a pirated DVD of the movie.

Php 16.00 from East Ave. to Megamall.
So at Megamall, you probably know where I met up with Jessa and Tel. Forever 21. They will be having a sale tomorrow, by the way. I wasn't supposed to buy anything from that store but I couldn't resist it when I saw this pair of earrings!

It's green and peacock!
I also bought this pair of specs, but I still have to change its lenses. I need prescription lenses, y'know.

After F21, we had dinner at Amici. I love dining out with these people. Meanwhile, we had pizza and pasta and...gelato!

What I ate: Puttanesca in Spinach Linguini

What I ate: Mint gelato with chocolate

Monday, April 25, 2011

24th on 23rd

I celebrated my 24th birthday last April 23, Saturday--a Black Saturday. It wasn't the best birthday I ever had. In college when I took up summer classes, I celebrate my birthday with my friends and then when my boyfriend and I became a couple, I celebrate it with him. The previous years I was home in Sharjah I spent it with family then with some high school friends. This year, I didn't get any parties nor extra special dinner. I was on duty.
It wasn't the worst of all my birthdays, either. It was more of...um...different. I get to assist in giving birth little babies that I have the same birthday!
But for a moment there, I started questioning myself what the heck I was doing there sleepless and tired on my birthday. It was the path I chose to follow.
For my birthday, I decided to wear that green scrub suit top with circles and  glittery blings!
Floral slippers from SM Dept. Store

In cap and mask. Japorms!
My boyfriend left for the US earlier today for his elective classes for med school. I'm sad 'coz he won't be here. This time it was him who got out of the country on a summer when during the past years it was I since I spend vacation in Sharjah.
Also earlier today, I met up with my friend and college thesis partner Boj. He went to my place here in Mezza then we went south to MOA!
Dinner at Gumbo!
We had Caesar's salad and Lamb Chops. Both awesome.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Quick Update on my Life: Clinical Clerkship

It has been 3 weeks since I entered this semi-real life. I say semi, because for one, I do not spend most of my days in the classroom--I get to work as a clinical clerk, sometimes mistaken for as a nurse. However, I get to work without being paid, instead I pay for it. Yes, I am on my 4th year in medical school aka clinical clerkship--the time to practice whatever I learned since year 1.
My first rotation would be under Obstetrics and Gynecology Department. My first 2 weeks were spent in the ER during duty days and OBGyne OPC (Out-Patient Clinic) during pre- and post-/from duty days. Those 2 weeks had been awesome. Currently, I am rotating as an OBGyne clerk in East Ave. Medical Center, which is NEVER a breeze.
Meanwhile, I get to have this one-day break thank God for Good Friday. Then, back on bizniz for the rest of the month. By the way, I will back at UERM this May for my OBGyn Ward rotation. I can't believe I am saying this but I missed UERM already.

With Janella and Jessa--your new clinical clerks!

In clerkship, you do not wake up to this. You are still up at this. Good morning from my flat!

At OBGyne OPC with groupmates Jamie, FX and Nizh. Also with is the very nice Ate Lolit.

This time with Pepin!
In other news, I get to bond with some of my brods and sisses last last week for a Tuli Mission in San Antonio, QC.
Yes, I had my hair cut shorter again and had it dyed.
With my classmate and friend Vince and Alphan Brod Mike.
With sisses Jessa, Vin, and Philene.
The fellowship after.