Monday, April 25, 2011

24th on 23rd

I celebrated my 24th birthday last April 23, Saturday--a Black Saturday. It wasn't the best birthday I ever had. In college when I took up summer classes, I celebrate my birthday with my friends and then when my boyfriend and I became a couple, I celebrate it with him. The previous years I was home in Sharjah I spent it with family then with some high school friends. This year, I didn't get any parties nor extra special dinner. I was on duty.
It wasn't the worst of all my birthdays, either. It was more of...um...different. I get to assist in giving birth little babies that I have the same birthday!
But for a moment there, I started questioning myself what the heck I was doing there sleepless and tired on my birthday. It was the path I chose to follow.
For my birthday, I decided to wear that green scrub suit top with circles and  glittery blings!
Floral slippers from SM Dept. Store

In cap and mask. Japorms!
My boyfriend left for the US earlier today for his elective classes for med school. I'm sad 'coz he won't be here. This time it was him who got out of the country on a summer when during the past years it was I since I spend vacation in Sharjah.
Also earlier today, I met up with my friend and college thesis partner Boj. He went to my place here in Mezza then we went south to MOA!
Dinner at Gumbo!
We had Caesar's salad and Lamb Chops. Both awesome.

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