Thursday, April 28, 2011

Airconditioned bus ride to sanity

I have very few days left to spend in EAMC. Tomorrow will be last duty at EAMC, which is probably a good thing because duties at EAMC have been very tiring. But I hate to admit but I will still miss it. We had our 'grand duty' earlier during our pre-duty at the OPD with my residents and senior interns. We were filled with food--I don't mind gaining a few pounds coz I have already lost a lot.

After OPD, I went to SM Megamall to detox with some of my favorite people--Jessa, Tel and Kenji. Jessa was supposed to be the one I see more often, but that don't really happen as I only get to see her when I endorse my patients to her. Also today, I get to see Maja! She visited me at the OPD because she was at the Heart Center with her dad awhile ago. This has been a special Alphan day for me!

So to get myself to Megamall, I took on my commuter skills. I don't bring my car since I am too afraid that I might fall asleep while driving. I usually take a cab when going to EAMC from home and vice versa. For my trip to Megamall, I decided to take an airconditioned bus. The bus wasn't so bad although EDSA had been jampacked, thanks to rush hour. And the great thing is I only spent Php 16 instead of Php 100++ if I took a cab.

Video on Deck: The Tourist. Probably a pirated DVD of the movie.

Php 16.00 from East Ave. to Megamall.
So at Megamall, you probably know where I met up with Jessa and Tel. Forever 21. They will be having a sale tomorrow, by the way. I wasn't supposed to buy anything from that store but I couldn't resist it when I saw this pair of earrings!

It's green and peacock!
I also bought this pair of specs, but I still have to change its lenses. I need prescription lenses, y'know.

After F21, we had dinner at Amici. I love dining out with these people. Meanwhile, we had pizza and pasta and...gelato!

What I ate: Puttanesca in Spinach Linguini

What I ate: Mint gelato with chocolate

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