Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ultimate Taste Test!

Last November 17, boyfriend and I went out to celebrate our 56th month together *cheeseballs!*; hence, we thought of spending the night by attending The Ultimate Taste Test 7.0 at Mercato. That is to deviate from the what is usual candlelit dinners (which isn't exactly my style, hehe!). We didn't actually plan to attend UTT. Good thing there were still tickets for walk-ins.

This is my first time to attend UTT. And it was actually...fun! I am no food critic or a food blogger although much of this blog is about food. It's just that I love eating good food. I am, in fact, a very picky eater. But when I eat, I taste the whole food and do not dwell on its details. Also, I am very partial to food that has chocolate in it. Hehe! My tastebuds are like that of a 5-year-old. Oh well...
I wasn't able to take much photos as I only have my iPhone with me. Also, my hands are full. That is how unprepared I was in attending this event. Here goes some of the crappy photos I took:
Juana Bowl's Macaroons

This tastes like Marsha's Royal Bibingka with ube in it.

I liked their inasal better than the bbq, though.

Arizona iced tea.
The packaging is just too cute!

Blackinese's Absolut brownies.
Alcoholic goodness in what is seemingly innocent brownies. 

Papa Roti!
Among my favorite dishes of the night!

Mio gelati.
Super love their gelato! Especially the trufle mint gelato.

I wasn't able to take photos of the other food suppliers' yummy samplers :(

My 1st round.

San Miguel Premium. Hellyeahz!
Boyfriend is fit for a food critic! Hehe. He has more discriminating taste buds than  I have.
I would love to attend the next UTT! But I should keep in mind that:
  1. I must be starving when attending these events. Although I was actually hungry that time coz I didn't have a heavy lunch, I should've prolly skipped lunch then...or had a good brunch.
  2. Loose fitting clothes must be worn to accomodate (and hide!) food-induced bulges.
  3. Bring a pen! Haha!
  4. And a camera...for documenting/blogging purposes.
  5. Plan the attack.

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