Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hayzle's Christmas Wishlist 2011!

Since Christmas is just a month a way and this is the season of wishlist blogposts, let me have my version of Christmas wishlist. Also, this post is dedicated to you, generous people, so that I may spare you from the hassle of thinking of what to give me for this Christmas (haha! but seriously...)


  • Topsiders, Mocassins, Loafers. In colors brown or mustard or any other earthly tones, which my boyfriend refers to as lola colors. Metallic colors or anything that has glitters in it are appreciated the same. I've been eyeing the metallic silver/gold Sperry topsider. And, thanks to the wonderful world of internet, I saw that glittery Sperry topsider (Guyz, Nordstorm ships to the Philippines! hahah!)

Ultra Case Ecstasy DX
Otter box Defender
  • iPhone 4 cases. So, my well-loved Switcheasy case gave up on me even before turning 1 year and my iPhone is housed with a faux-leather flipcase (which I am not very fond of coz of the handling). I want a new one!!!

Canon SX40 HS
  • Canon SX40 HS. I already have my own point-and-shoot but I've been wanting to get a dSLR because, of course, the capture settings. But I hate the bulkiness of SLRs. Thank God for this baby! And I want it so bad...for better blog pictures, of course! Haha!

  • Katy Perry in Manila. I am not asking for a Diamond or Titanium tickets. Gold would suffice.
Thanks in advance, you generous guys. *wink*

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