Friday, October 14, 2011

Food Coma: Lugang Cafe, Stackers Burger

As much as I wanted to stop posting about food, I just can't coz eating out is probably how most of my duty-less days are being spent.

I've already blogged about Lugang Cafe in this post. But its just worth blogging about again. This time I went with my friends/groupmates in internal medicine. They have been hearing me and Jamie rave about this resto and how we love their xiao long bao; hence, we decided to have a dinner here.

Lugang Cafe does not have your typical Chinese resto design.
We didn't have much pork except for our first rack of pork xiao long bao (not in photos) coz we have a Muslim friend with us. Our 2nd rack of xiao long bao was a Steamed angled loofah with shrimp xlb, which is just as good as the pork xlb.

Steamed angled loofah with shrimp xiao long bao

Closer look! *droooooling*
We also had chicken topped with scallions and ginger oil (my favorite, aside from xlb; not in photos, though), black pepper beef, stir fried beef with chili peppers, and spicy garlic fish in clay pot.  For dessert, we had the peanut smoothie and mudslide smoothie. They fell in love with the peanut smoothie's Reese's ice cream effect. (I am sorry for the shitty photos. I was using my iPhone and now I am too lazy to photoshop,)

Black pepper beef

Stir-fried beef with chili peppers

Spicy garlic fish in clay pot
Mudslide smoothie

Jamie and our peanut smoothie
For the next, next night, boyfriend and I dined at Stackers Burger Cafe at Newport Mall in Resorts World. He loves their burger. True enough, their burger is really good. I think he had The Massive Burger while I had my usual Barbeque burger bowl (kunwari healthy living!). We shared the garlic chips.

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