Saturday, February 5, 2011

Luck and other things

I was supposed to get back on my blogging last night but I had to catch up on my sleeping. This week had been busy and very stressful thanks to the long exams. As to how I fared the past week, I am putting on a list coz I am lazy like that <3

  • Exam week practically means staying up late--very late, for reviewing. It was sleeping at 6 am, then waking up at 8 am for an exam on 9. How I managed to stay up was through caffeine and, of course, the idea of an impending doom if I fail. How I managed to stay sane, I stuff myself with comfort food. How I fared in my exams, I am putting it on the hands of divine intervention and luck.

Espresso Frapuccino. They finally perfected my name.

California Berry in Mezza Strip is finally open! This is my favorite--Cherry on Top.

  • Speaking of luck--(Belated) Happy Lunar New Year. Apparently, this year is the Rabbit's year, which happens to be my year. I hope it will really be my year.

Bunny Head Ring from Forever21
  • Awhile ago my mom left for UAE. I miss UAE especially Sharjah and Dubai. JSYK, I lived in UAE when I was still in high school. I just returned to the Philippines for college. I used to have summer vacations until I attended summer classes. During med school, I visited every summer, which I won't be able to do this year because of clerkship.

  • I also went to Greenhills today--home of knock-offs. I bought a generic bandage skirt in black for Php 550 (less than $10). I will probably take a picture of it sometime soon. I wasn't able to buy a wide legged pants, so if anyone here who knows where I can buy it on an unexpensive price (less than Php 1,000), please tell me.

  • Meanwhile...as of yesterday...

56 days until clerkship!

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