Saturday, January 29, 2011

Too slow when handwritten

I hate blinking cursors that stare at me for a couple of minutes while my thoughts are left--blank.  Like right now.

At 4AM, I am still up.  I just finished my part of our pediatrics transcription, which I just sent to my partners who'll add some more stuff. I am glad I am done with it so I can now proceed to review.  I seriously need to study for the exams, which starts on Monday.  This Monday. Panic.

Studying means reading these transcriptions and then highlighting the important points. Then, probably, I will rewrite some notes on the back of their pages so I could remember them. You see, I like writing. My middle finger is actually calloused from writing too much. I like seeing my handrwritting coz I think I have a really nice penmanship.

Handwritten notes are more personal. Handwritten letters are sweeter than e-mails or short messages aka texts. So maybe, I will write you a love letter some time <3 But for now, excuse me while I try to get myself a better future as I ace my upcoming exams. I kid with the word ace--I just want to pass.


Meanwhile, this is a vocal cord nodule, which you can acquire by talking a lot.
Photo from here

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