Wednesday, January 26, 2011


LOL at my thumb.  Nail polish is Rimmel Pro in Fancy Fuchsia

My boyfriend (his mom, actually.  Thanks, tita!) gave me this really awesome purse organizer! You see, I have quite a number of bags and purses, but I only use one--not because of 'favoritism' or 'loyalty' (lol), but because of lassitude.  I don't like the idea of migrating all my stuff from one bag to another.  That's too tedious for my lazy ass.  But this lovely thing makes it easier to transfer my things to another bag or purse.  Also, this organizes and de-clutters my bag.

De-clutter:  Pen pockets and even more pockets! It also has a key clip (not shown in the photo)

De-clutter:  And it has card holder that can fit up to 6 cards! Perfect!

Photos taken with Lomo Lomo app. <3


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