Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Can you make it to the end of the deja vu?

I have a little less than a week until the 5th long exams. If I were still in college, this wouldn't bother me. But this isn't college anymore. This isn't even 1st year or 2nd year in med. I am already in my 3rd year and should I pass this year, I will be a clinical clerk starting April.

5th LE should be nothing different than previous LEs except, of course, its lecture coverage. Still, like the previous exams, I prepare for the long exams by printing transcriptions (transes), reading them, highlighting them, reviewing them...blah blah.

I've been using this printer (HP 1315) since college. This printed college's lab reports, critic papers, research papers, and even my undergraduate thesis (part of it!). Currently, I am using it to print transes and patient papers. Now, I am out of printer ink and bond papers. FML.

My basic needs include: my "lucky" G-tec pen, liquid eraser, and HIGHLIGHTERS! LOL at Stabilo's free ballpen.

Earlier today, I went to my favorite coffee shop to do some serious studying. Look at their funny attempts to spell my name right.

This is really going to be a busy week for me with all these transes I have to study. So excuse me while I try to get myself pass my 5th LE. <3

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