Thursday, June 16, 2011

Last Summer Photodump: Visiting Al Ain

Although I am not exactly fond of Abu Dhabi (town center), Al Ain, which happens to be a part of that emirate is among my favorite place to visit in UAE. In contrast to the busy urban life in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain takes a rather suburban, if not rural, type of living. They do not have the grandest malls like the ones in Dubai, though, but i get sick of shopping, too.

Al Ain is a 1-2 hour drive from where I live in Sharjah.

To Jabel Hafeet--a rock mountain in Al Ain

Going up to the top of Jabel Hafeet

Unlike Baguio's Kenon Rd., Marcos and Naguillan highways, this road to the top of Jabel Hafeet looks more sturdy.

After the 30-minute drive to the peak, you get this. LOL.

Grand Mercure Hotel! This is where we usually stay. It is located (near the peak) in Jabel Hafeet.

The lobby
The room with me in it, acting like a bawzz.

Sloppy hotel room service food. Sloppy camera. Meh.

View from the room. Foggy!!!
Complimentary breakfast buffets are my favorite. But y u no serve pork?
No bacon = grumpy

Green Mubazzarah is located just at the foot of Jebel Hafeet.

View from the top: Green Mubazzarah

I am perfectly aware that I posed like this twice in this blog post

Ain Al Faydha Rest House
Looks like an abandoned resort or something or maybe it was just not a vacation season in UAE when we visited it that time.
Al Ain Zoo
Al Ain Palace Museum
Al Ain Mall
I am officially homesick.

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