Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things I love Thursdays

The bored (but NOT complaining) clinical clerk edition.

Greetings from the JI Psych lungga! I am on duty today, which means I will be staying here until 5pm tomorrow. Le sigh. But I am on a monitoring break and my next monitoring schedule (for vital signs and sleep-wake) is not until 8pm today. Meanwhile, I making a list of what I love (because it's a TILT day!).

This list is in no particular order.

I could eat this everyday! If chickenjoy were a person, I would marry him/it.

Ice cream is my forever comfort foos. I am currently craving for ice cream right now. And I want Caramia!!!

Coffee. For better or for worse. In exam, clerkship, and plain chilling out.

And then suddenly I noticed the first three are food...

Shoes like this--glittery and comfortable.

Such unbearable kitty cuteness that make me *squeeeee* everytime. Fact about me: When I was younger, we had about 10 pet cats. It was kitty fiesta!!!

I keep thinking about food right now. My mind goes blank...

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