Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yakimix and other things from the outside and not-so-outside world

...or the things that happened last May. Heh.
Yakimix is probably our favorite grill/buffet restaurant or the so-called '3rd best decision' (with joining Phi Alpha Sigma as the 1st and going to Bolinao with my medicine classmates as the 2nd). We 'discovered' Yakimix when we were in 3rd year when Jes, Vin, Kenji and I were looking for a good place to eat and we would always eye this resto since it's just located in Tomas Morato. It was love at first bite.
So sometime last week...or last last week...Jes, Kenj and I wanted to do some catching up hence we decided to have dinner together. Original plan was to try Sambokujin, but thanks to bad weather, we opted to eat at YakiMix since it would be nearer.
My plate of meat! I just love those meat-wrapped vegies.
Their tarts are really delish. They have an awesome selection of desserts, really!

We'll conquer the storm for food.
Meanwhile, we're done with our OB-Gyne rotation. I must admit I miss the people from OB Dept.

The almost-weekly 'parties'

OR days

My Day3 mates--toxic group!

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