Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Something close to home (and/or heart)

This post is a week late, but let me share with you how my Valentine's day was spent. 

I am, however, not the biggest fan of Valentine's day. It's not that I despise this day, I am just not the Vday kind of person. But who am I to resist romance when it is right in the smack of my face? *giggles all around* 

We didn't go out on the 14th. He was still home in Baguio, though Manila-bound. I was drop-dead asleep the 14th as I was post-duty. And, of course, I dreaded the crowd, the traffic, and the Vday hoopla. We went out the next day, 15th, which I thought was just perfect! I would be on a preduty status, not much crowd, and... this would cover 3 celebrations--Vday, his birthday, and our 59th month together (Yes, we are a month shy away from being 5 years together).

He took on the planning so I didn't have any idea where he would bring me. To my surprise, the area is so familiar to me that it is the same street where the school I used to attend for conferences and competitions when I was still in grade school is located! What I did not know then is that in this narrow road with the likeness of an eskinita is where Pasay's best kept secret is located.

My Mother's Garden restaurant is being housed in the ancestral house of National Artist for Architecture Pablo S. Antonio and is owned and managed by famous bridal gown designers Malu Antonio Veloso and Letlet Antonio Veloso. 

Who would have thought that the narrowed streets of Pasay City hide such a wonderfully
designed house?

The food: We were served a 4-course meal of salad, pasta, main dish of chicken and shrimp, and dessert.

The greens. Served with mango and pesto dressing. Green on green, yeah!
I am in love with this very refreshing drink!
Chorizo pasta and Pasta with black olives.
Mustard chicken.
Desserts were cupcakes and tarts! Yum!
For added cheesy-ness kilig, he surprised me with a serenade c/o his brods (iharanaMU! Thank you guys!). I've been receiving these haranas ever since and never fails to surprise me (and make me really kilig, landi!).

Awkward self, as always.
Yes, I wore a dress.
And a picture of us!
Popo was in his "surfer" skin tone as he just came from a surf in La Union.
He also celebrated his birthday the day after, but I wasn't able to meet up with him coz I was duty (boo!). Anyway, he's the sweetest. (He is in Pinoy Mountaineer's header, guys!)

Let me show you some of the works of Malu Antonio Veloso and Letlet Antonio Veloso that were displayed in one of the rooms.

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  1. That's sweet...It's nice to have come across your blog and to read about your adventures in med school and everything else. Thanks for sharing! I am a new follower and hope we can interact some time! Feel free to stop by my blog! I'll definitely continue to tune in to read your updates!