Monday, March 28, 2011

The Weekend in Photos: Tali Beach in Nasugbu, Batangas and Other Things

Weekend was spent in Tali Beach in Nasugbu, Batangas with 3 other sisses and 7 brods--Alphan Getaway, indeed. Four of us in the trip are incoming clinical clerks, thus, this getaway would probably our last for quite some time. Perhaps, this is the cherry on top of my week-long vacation (which is spent mostly on doing chores. #maturity).
We decided to meet-up at McDo Katipunan before 7 am so we could leave for Batangas by 7. Guess what time we left? 10 am. Hahaha! We arrived at Tali at around 3 pm.
Here goes the photos that are grabbed from tel's and my facebook. BTW, I took photos using my iPhone. Other photos are still with Kenji, so I will prolly post a part 2 if I won't be busy
We had to pick-up GA at Xavierville, hence, we left at around 10 am. LOL moment kaagad!

Hello there, Tali Beach

Me and Tel

Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity and Phi Alpha Sigma Sorority are <3

Missing Jes and Vin and the other sisses who weren't able to come :(

Dix on the beach! Kinukuha na ng langit?

How the sisses show their love for the frat's new GA!

Must be the cowboy hat

After hitting the beach, well... Other photos should NOT be posted. Heh.

Apparently, we were all nursing a hangover the next day. Sunday was then spent lounging around the house and sleeping.

Kenji sleeping in style
We left Tali at around 5 pm, Sunday. We stopped over at Tagaytay for a dinner at Dencio's. Then, hello again Manille :( Reality bites.

Them boys!

Them girls!
In other news, last Friday we had our Operation Tuli and Bukol at San Juan City. Vin and I were the only sisses who were able to attend. Vin left earlier than us, though.

And another wonderful news...especially for me! (I have been killing myself and crying over this for the whole week).

Look for my name!
I have been promoted to clerkship. Thank God!

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