Friday, March 25, 2011

Things I love: For the eyes only

Eyeglasses have been quite a necessity for me since college.While I can still read most of the lines in Snellen and Jaeger's, wearing eyeglasses prevents migraine from attacking. I have a .75 OS and .50 OD, which is not very bad as I told you.
I had my first eyeglass, which is a pink half-framed Oliver eyeglasses, when I was in 1st or 2nd year in college. I only have 4 pairs as of this day. I lost my first one in Taft Ave.--it was actually in DLSU Taft after a conference I attended for our thesis.
Here goes my three pairs. I left the other one in the car (jsyk, I am not allowed to drive without eyeglasses. fml.)

Black rimmed eyeglasses from Marie Claire

Pink rimmed D&G

Pink metal rimmed eyeglasses from Ray Ban
I am not exactly fond of sunglasses. But here goes what I have:
(From top to bottom)
sunnies by Kenzo, Prada, Killer Loop, and Cartier

You soo prettay!
Earlier today, after doing my chores, I went window shopping at MOA and found something these in Ideal Vision:

Jean Paul Gaultier. Photo from Google.
They have something like this--same black plastic frame (I like plastic frames, btw). Price tag says Php 13k++ but they are willing to give me a 30% discount.
I was also eyeing on a GianFranco Ferre eyeglass--also black plastic frame with subtle crystals all over the rim. It costs about Php10k++, also with discount.
But I am broke. My birthday's in a month!

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