Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sunshine Cleaning

I live in an incredibly small flat, which looked like a CSI-crime scene-esque during the 2-week exam marathon we had. Hence, I decided to organize all my transes and clean up the flat! Serious cleaning is serious bizniz.

The bedroom where all great things happen--like sleep!

Workstation looks a bit uncluttered now.

The whole 3rd year in very organized clearbooks!
I like my transes organized this way--kept in clearbooks according to subject! I've been doing this since my first year. Such an OC.

Meanwhile, last Sunday I went to Sta. Clara Monastery in Katipunan for my much needed Divine Intervention. Then, I met up with my friend/college thesis partner Boj! I haven't seen him for quite some time now. We went to BHS and Serendra.

A very pogi Siberian Husky

Then, we met up with my boyfriend for dinner then that unexpected Tagaytay roadtrip <3

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