Monday, April 9, 2012

Quick update: This has been March 2012

After a few days or weeks of slacking off from blogging, I am back. I was meaning to blog earlier since clerkship has finally ended in March; however, there came the Holy Week which was mostly spent in La Union where I do not have a decent internet connection but an awesome beach backyard. Then, the make-up duties for my tardiness and lost radio plates, boo.

Meanwhile, this has been March 2012. Crazy lovely, busy and bittersweet March.

On the way home from Amang Rodriguez Medical Center in Marikina City.

Erratic weather during March. Bipolar. Hate the rain. Hate the sun. Just bipolar.

Five years. Beat that. Five years of lesexytime love...and probably a little hate aka petty fights. Also, this photo collage makes a good documentation of my long hair-short hair adventures. But with the same guy <3

Chest X-ray of one of our patients in Amang Rodriguez Medical Center.
Apparently, she accidentally swallowed a coin--probably a five-peso coin.

Outside rotation for surgery was held in Amang Rodriguez Medical Center in Marikina City for 10 days. Ten days of from-duty-from status sans preduty. What I love most about outside rotations such as this was the time of commute. It was 'thinking time' for me sans worrying about being late and whatever horrors that await me.

Counting down!

Photos c/o Christel Habaluyas

OSCE muna. Or was this repeat OSCE?

And then, clerkship ends. Where to next?


  1. I like your blog layout :D and congrats on internship! Intern ka na diba? :D yay

  2. I like what you did to your uniforms! pretty clever!

    1. it's a tradition in the hospital. sobrang fun and err, colorful! hee :D