Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sugar Rushing with J.Cuppacakes

With the sudden rise of cupcakes along with other cute things into stardom, there's J.Cuppacakes that serves you interesting cupcakes with more than the usual concotions and, of course, the cutest/prettiest designs.

Art in your cravings with J.Cuppacakes
OK. So I am not a cupcake critic and not even a fan of such. But sweet toothed-self isn't going to resist the sugar rush.

I learned about J.Cuppacakes from my classmates/co-clerks in med school who had been ordering cupcakes for birthday or any other celebration gifting. It is actually owned by my co-clerk Lance's girlfriend.
Visit and like their facebook fanpage!

Art in your cravings with these very pretty and yummy cupcakes.
1 cupcake missing? Actually, I only ordered 3 cupcakes but they gave me a box of 4.
I was supposed to order another one but Lance texted me while I was scrubbing in
for a surgical procedure so I wasn't able to reply.
Salted Caramel
Southern Red Velvet. A favorite!
Chocolate Dream
 Aside from cupcakes, they also have these really yummy French macaroons. 

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  1. How much are the cupcakes? Would you say they are worth the price? :)