Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dog Days are Over

Or maybe not...

I've already survived a month of my post-graduate internship--11 months to go! And obviously, this blogpost is a month late and is past the graduation season. (Heck, it's even back to school season butwhocares)

Hello. I am Hayzle A. Mallari, M.D.
This is the 5th graduation of my life. My med school graduation was held on the 22nd of April, which is the day before my birthday and is (one of) the best birthday gifts I could ever receive! I am beyond words happy and I will fail to articulate how I felt that day.

After 3 grueling years of sitting in classrooms, staring at the lecture presentations and chanting 'Babawi ako sa next exam' every time... Plus another year of clinical clerkship which is made of monitoring patients, 'takal ihi', fitting yourself along with 20 other groupmates in a room that's supposedly for 5 people only...

Meet your new doctors.

I wouldn't be able to survive 4 years without these people...

My clerkship groupmates, Ma-Ong invading the stage--that same table where Chairman Lucio Tan, Dr. Ona,
Dr. Divinagracia etc. sat. Like a boss.

With my brods and sisses.
Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, Phi Alpha Sigma Sorority
That Salabianca dress and CMG heels.
Tiis ganda.

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