Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nolita (North of Little Italy)

After checking out the I'm Shoe in Love bazaar at the NBC Tent (which by the way had really cute shoes to sell, but none were what I needed), my mom and I went to check out Nolita (North of Little Italy) at BGC Central for a quick afternoon snack.

Nolita's fuss-free, laid-back ambiance is not for the primadonna. You have to fall in line to order and pay your pizza and other grub. Menu's at that chalkboard, which reminded me of Baguio City's Pizza Volante.

How creative! Table lamps were used as wall decorations.
View of BGC Central

Food is good great. But pricey--you have to shed about Php500/person. Meh. Pizzas were priced Php160-250 per big slice. And I mean really BIG slice of pizza.

My mom's Cheeseburger pizza
My Spinach & Artichoke pizza
What I like about their pizza is the thin, chewy crust--New York pizza it is! You may want to use a fork and table knife as the crust tends to get a bit soggy. I know I just broke the rule: to eat with your hands.

Honey Garlic Buffalo Wings with yogurt dip
This I ate with my hands. I like that the wings weren't too spicy.

Looking forward to eat here again!

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